Biofilm comprises any syntrophic consortium of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other and often to a surface.  These adherent cells become embedded with a slimy extra cellular matrix that is composed of extra cellular polymeric substances.

Hopefully this scientific definition didn't make your brain hurt! In layman's terms it is the sticky gunk that fowls up pipes and pumps.

The AntiBio system uses patented Sweeping Sound Frequencies (SSF) to remove biofilm and scale from inside pipework and dramatically reduces the recurrence of its growth.  Sweeping Sound Frequencies (SSF) is not new, it is just new to the North American Market.  Scientifically proven by Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, it has been successfully implemented for over a decade in Australia and Southeast Asia, in multiple applications with over 20,000 units in the market.  AntiBio Solutions, LLC is excited to bring this technology to North America and is the US Distributor for this technology.