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"After successful installation of the TOG units, the pumps have had zero downtime to date.  lnitial plan to clean the caissons every two years is now not necessary to be carried out since both pumps are performing as expected."

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"Our production is up with between 15% and 30% compared with the same time last year when pythium was quite rampant.  We now see a definite improvement in the health of our system: coriander roots are white instead of brown; dill keeps growing even under hot conditions; young rocket plants that stress out WILL turn a little purple but then turn GREEN again and keep growing - this has never happened before."

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"The overall effect is that my feeder pipes into my hydroponic channel block up far less often.  As a result I have installed the AntiBio system on all 18 of my hydroponic systems and they have been working successfully ever since."

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"Without any unequivocal notion, this system has had significantly positive bearing on accelerated production rates, quality improvements, cost reductions, while simultaneously reducing labour and time."