Leaders in the field of Sweeping Sound Technologies

Active In 34 Countries with over 10,000 Commercial Sites

About AntiBio Technologies

AntiBio is broadly classified into divisions of research, design and manufacturing for a wide range of systems. This is grounded in our extensive knowledge of water treatment manufacturing technology.

AntiBio offers custom-made systems for special needs in various market segments by designing and supplying a large inventory of products, engineered for different fields and applications.

Each division is staffed by a group of dedicated team players with a firm focus on control and quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process.

We are driven by the continuous application of creative ideas, open communications, proven design and manufacturing methodology, and exemplary levels of personalized service and support.

Our main objective is to satisfy the individual needs and demands of customers by providing innovative solutions to help customers solve their particular problem, and to fulfill their specific demand in the most appropriate, cost-effective manner.

New products will be released and products will be upgraded on a regular and continuing basis.

AntiBio has been awarded and commended by leading science bodies, and is held in high esteem by its clients including some of the largest water entertainment precincts in the world.

AntiBio are are regarded internationally as industry leaders in the field of Sweeping Sound Technologies.